Mr. Blum

7th Grade HR, 5-8 Math


Courses Taught:

Math 5-9

7th HR

7th Religion

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Mr. Blum

Mr. Blum's Bio

I was born on a farm near Schuyler, NE, where I attended a small school house. I grew up outside of Schuyler thinking or rather putting off thinking about the priesthood since second grade. After high school and two years at UNL, God finally convinced me to join seminary. Seminary took me to many places: St. Paul, Florida, Colorado, many Parishes throughout Nebraska, Rome, St. Louis, Omaha, etc. I was, however, called out of seminary, and lived in Omaha helping with several ministries in Omaha: Young Catholic Professionals, FOCUS, Mav Catholics, Mavs for Life, Formation Houses, etc. I then applied to MAGIS at Creighton to finish my schooling.

I am excited to be with the St. Michael’s community. When I am not working on Grad School work you can find me running, coding, shooting arrows, cooking, praying, learning languages, crafting STEM activities, etc.

I know that I am still called to ministry in some form, and not only through teaching, but in other forms. I am not allowed to start sports teams, or ministry as a first year MAGIS teacher, but I hope to eventually provide discipleship, bible studies, STEM clubs, coding clubs, and perhaps a soccer team to St. Michael’s. I have experienced great blessings being here at St. Michael’s already! I am excited to see what God’s plans are for us all.

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